Wednesday, February 8, 2012


History was made.
Again. The NY Giants.
Are Super Bowl Champs!

Great feeling. Triumph.
I highly recommend it.
The win made me think.

Success is about ...
Persistence! Over all things.
Until the goal's met.

Quite simple, in truth.
Just don't ever quit... You'll win!
Quit? And you are screwed.

Let that marinate.
And as it does let me share.
I went hoarse cheering.

Then while newly hoarse?
Drank Bushmills Black Bush Whiskey!
The liquid fire.

Brilliant? I know.
My voice was so Barry White!
Then? Charlie Chaplin.

Freestyle Mondays came.
I battled and lost to Zeps.
No bueno. Note: Get!

Category: Names.
As in real vs. stage name.
The fire next time. Burn.

Finally, A-S.
Allen-Stevenson. Great school.
My alma mater.

A celebration!
Of Prep for Prep! The lesson?

Now 30 Years strong.
So proud to be part of that.
Legacy matters.

Thanks to Miss Tiff B.
Ergo, as we build on ours.
We make new stories.

Even found an event.
Together apart, Kwazi.
From the HipHop Proj.

Interesting night.
A room of lovely sistas.
A few brothas there.

Venue? Ironic.
Crime Scene. No joke! Really was.
Things that make me laugh.

New history! Right?
Even right now as I pen this.
Now aint that sumn?

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