Tuesday, February 14, 2012

  • 3 Stacks said it for me before. #EverydayThe14th!
    http://www.myspace.com/onelovehiphop The Valentine's Day song off of "The Love Below" by Andre 3000.
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  • This Valentine's Day, make sure u tell him/her that he/she IS the one that u want! Thanks for watching & pass it on! :-)
    Toya Nash singing "You'e the One That I Want"
  • THE LOVE HAIKU #7 - Why do we persist? For no other way exists. Only the way through.
  • THE LOVE HAIKU #6 - The equation? Its... simple. 1+1=1. The loveliest math.
  • THE LOVE HAIKU #5 - How swiftly days rushed! So we stayed at the ready. Until we didn't.
  • THE LOVE HAIKU #4 - When those moments came? Then so did we. Together. Urgently. Time teaches.
  • THE LOVE HAIKU #3 - A foundation. Here. Where we may build it. Right now. Made for us, from us.
  • THE LOVE HAIKU #2 - Who can master love? It is a wildfire. Fierce. All consuming blaze.
  • THE LOVE HAIKU #1 - What is love truly? Is love a blade that slices? Cutting pains or hearts?

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