Saturday, September 29, 2012

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

  • 3 Stacks said it for me before. #EverydayThe14th! The Valentine's Day song off of "The Love Below" by Andre 3000.
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  • This Valentine's Day, make sure u tell him/her that he/she IS the one that u want! Thanks for watching & pass it on! :-)
    Toya Nash singing "You'e the One That I Want"
  • THE LOVE HAIKU #7 - Why do we persist? For no other way exists. Only the way through.
  • THE LOVE HAIKU #6 - The equation? Its... simple. 1+1=1. The loveliest math.
  • THE LOVE HAIKU #5 - How swiftly days rushed! So we stayed at the ready. Until we didn't.
  • THE LOVE HAIKU #4 - When those moments came? Then so did we. Together. Urgently. Time teaches.
  • THE LOVE HAIKU #3 - A foundation. Here. Where we may build it. Right now. Made for us, from us.
  • THE LOVE HAIKU #2 - Who can master love? It is a wildfire. Fierce. All consuming blaze.
  • THE LOVE HAIKU #1 - What is love truly? Is love a blade that slices? Cutting pains or hearts?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


History was made.
Again. The NY Giants.
Are Super Bowl Champs!

Great feeling. Triumph.
I highly recommend it.
The win made me think.

Success is about ...
Persistence! Over all things.
Until the goal's met.

Quite simple, in truth.
Just don't ever quit... You'll win!
Quit? And you are screwed.

Let that marinate.
And as it does let me share.
I went hoarse cheering.

Then while newly hoarse?
Drank Bushmills Black Bush Whiskey!
The liquid fire.

Brilliant? I know.
My voice was so Barry White!
Then? Charlie Chaplin.

Freestyle Mondays came.
I battled and lost to Zeps.
No bueno. Note: Get!

Category: Names.
As in real vs. stage name.
The fire next time. Burn.

Finally, A-S.
Allen-Stevenson. Great school.
My alma mater.

A celebration!
Of Prep for Prep! The lesson?

Now 30 Years strong.
So proud to be part of that.
Legacy matters.

Thanks to Miss Tiff B.
Ergo, as we build on ours.
We make new stories.

Even found an event.
Together apart, Kwazi.
From the HipHop Proj.

Interesting night.
A room of lovely sistas.
A few brothas there.

Venue? Ironic.
Crime Scene. No joke! Really was.
Things that make me laugh.

New history! Right?
Even right now as I pen this.
Now aint that sumn?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


What up? I'm back y'all.
Posting up on the Blogspot!
LexGetit? Yes.

And what's more? Lex has...
A minor revelation.
Hold your breath. Here comes!

I can easily...
Keep all my posts short and sweet.
By using haiku.

Five seven five. BAM!
As De La Soul once said, y'all.
"Itsoeeezay!" Yup.

Henceforth? We weekly.
Though never weakly updates.
Seven haiku. Boom.

At a minimum.
As the influx of dopeness...
Warrants? We shall proceed.

Creative guidelines.
Constrained? Hell naw. Challenged?
Maybe. We shall see.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

When Everything is Young, Fresh & New.

What up, World?! Call me Lex. Get it. Lex Getit. Get it? Got it, right? Good.

Now that we have been formally introduced we can get down to the business of creating this blog. Long story short? All things dope, inspirational, entrepreneurial, thought-provoking, mind bending and especially fresh artistic expressions emanating from urban cores the world over will be fair game for coverage here. Its my house and I live here but you all are MORE than welcome to visit and bring friends.

As someone endlessly interested in the world and people around him who are creators! That is who will be getting shine here. The unknown overachievers. The strivers. The grinders. The workers. The owners. The makers. And they are everywhere. Well we are going to find them and bring them right here.

We make the world worth living in for the rest of humanity. Ergo, I will be interviewing these fine specimens of humanity week-in-week-out and posting my musings with them right here for your hungry little eye and ears. So keep on coming back to satisfy your jones for dope content. We will take this entire enterprise forward one fine day at a time.

What I'm all about is the continual refinement and redefinition of the self by manifesting the best in oneself. Get right or get left.

Welcome to Lex Getit.

Stay Freshwitted!